Broken Wings

Written by: Mara Jacobs

Recommended by: Colleen Gleason

Price at time of purchase: $3.49

Genre: Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Give a brief description of the story.

Forced to hide from the man who murdered her father, “Blackbird” lives in seclusion, fixing up and reselling used computers. Her only social outlet is her online persona and the friends she interacts with in chatrooms or backgammon sites–including the compelling, mysterious “Confessor.” When Blackbird receives a computer with a hard drive that hasn’t been wiped clean, she becomes curious about the previous owner…She is also fascinated by the young man who owned the iMac, Nick, and begins to feel like she knows him. When his friend’s disappearance makes national news, Blackbird thinks she might have a way to help find her. As Blackbird finally spreads her wings and leaves the nest, her only tie to safety is Confessor. But even Confessor isn’t enough to keep her interested when she meets the handsome Nick. Now she has to find a murderer, and she has to decide whether she wants a relationship with a computer moniker or a real live man.

What did you think the author did particularly well?

Mara Jacobs writes real. One of the things that always strikes me whenever I read her books are the simple touches that bring home the reality of life. I always feel so comfortable in her world, even when the setting is unfamiliar to me.

What was your favorite thing about the story?

The setup was great–it’s almost like a modern day Rear Window, with an amateur sleuth trying to solve a crime from a distance–in this case, via an old computer drive. I also particularly liked the online chats in the book. They felt real, they were sharp and witty and very fun to read.

Fans of Rear Window and The Net, as well as other contemporary romantic mystery novels/romantic suspense stories that focus on computer and online interaction will likely enjoy this story.


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