Carnival Temptress

Written by: Michelle Monkou

Recommended by: Dorien Kelly

Price at time of purchase: $0.99

Genre: Contemporary Romance (Hot)

Give a brief description of the story:

Micha Lindsay’s life is pretty much circling the drain. She’s been dumped, fired and is looking at having to move back home. Just to make life really suck, her BFFs are about to take off to Trinidad for Carnival. But, hey, these are BFFs so they insist on bringing her, too. Once there, Micha comes face-to-face (and eventually, several other body parts-to-body parts) with her longtime crush, Amar Jaikaran, big brother of one of her BFFs. Things heat up as the wildness of Trinidad’s annual festival surrounds them. Can Amar deal with having Micha for just one hot weekend, or does he want more?

What do you think the author did particularly well?

The author gave me the sights and sounds of Trinidad. Loved it! Now to get there for real.

What was your favorite thing about the story?

Learning about the rum business. Yeah, I’m weird like that, but it was great the way Monkou not only gave a good story but taught me about my all-time favorite summer drink.

Fans of exotic places, sexy men and rum might enjoy this story.

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