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Every writer has to start somewhere, and that start is usually full of a million questions about technique, lifestyle and finances. The Indie Voice Authors have compiled some of their advice here so that new writers have some resources to get started.

New content will be added as time allows, so come back often to see what’s new.

NOTE: Since our launch, we’ve gotten a lot of questions specifically about our group, its formation and our marketing techniques. We’d love to answer your individual emails, but if we did, we’d never get books written. So we’ve created a Q&A of the most commonly asked questions about The Indie Voice. We hope this helps!

The Indie Voice Q&A

Writing Technique

Want to know how to make your book the best it can be with writing style and technique – then this section is for you. These short articles cover small aspects of technique that can improve the quality of your manuscript. We have also included recommended reading to improve style and technique.

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Writing Lifestyle

Do I need a separate office? How do I make a writing schedule? What happens if I sit down to write and nothing happens?

Those question are common among the insane group of people referred to as “writers.” Check out our advice on how to combat some of the more common problems writers face.

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The Business of Writing

Do not be fooled – writing is a business. If you want to be a writer, and more especially, if you want to be an indie writer, you have to learn the business side of publishing. You are now your own boss, admin, marketing team, sales force, CFO, CEO, COO and CIO. Are you ready for those responsibilities? Do you know the pitfalls of taxation? Do you understand the benefits and drawback of various corporate structures? Do you know the rules for generating 1099s to vendors?

If any of those questions gave you hives, this is the section for you.

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Recommended Reading for Writers

Writers have access to more information now than ever before. Check out this recommended reading list approved by The Indie Voice authors.

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