Selling to Thomas & Mercer: One Writer’s Experience

  • It was easy and fun to negotiate my own contract
  • Terms and royalties are higher than most publishers
  • My first Publishing Agreement was signed by Jeff Bezos and is framed and sitting on my desk
  • I hear from my editor on a regular basis (He updates me, keeps me in the loop, and lets me know that he’s excited to read my next book!)
  • When I email my editor, I get a response within hours if not minutes
  • I am paid quarterly, but I am provided with monthly royalty statements so that I know exactly how many books I am selling (borrows, too)
  • Discoverability–I get maximum exposure on Amazon (i.e. daily deals, mass emails, etc.)
  • My books are offered as paperbacks, audio books and foreign translations are handled by Amazon (they do the work, leaving me more time to write)
  • Amazon treats me like a customer they care about
  • I was invited to attend the Book Expo in New York and the Press Conference in Santa Monica. All expenses paid. No stuffy people to be found– everyone was friendly and welcoming
  • I receive emails from Amazon’s Author Team. They update me with publishing news and inviting me to dinners if I happen to be in the area. They keep me in the loop
  • These opportunities have allowed me to meet so many wonderful authors, including: Jessica Park, Michele Scott (A.K. Alexander), Andrew Kaufman, Barry Eisler, Hugh Howey, Melinda Leigh, Sheila Redling, Lee Goldberg and so many more!

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Although I am enjoying working with Amazon, I plan to wait and see how things go before I sign another contract. I also plan to continue to self-publish my romance novels, mostly because I enjoy the entire process from covers to promotion, and the 70% royalties don’t hurt either.

The industry continues to change and I don’t want to put all of my eggs in one basket. One of the best decisions I made at the beginning of my journey was to push myself to do things I never thought I would do. I also want to keep trying new things. You only live once. Go for it!

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