The Indie Voice Q&A

Your group is great. Are you open to new members?

We have no plans to add members at this time.

How did you choose the members?

Several members met at the NINC conference and started the group, then invited authors they knew and could vouch for. All current members had to be in agreement on new members.

You’ve done a lot to launch your group. How did you get organized?

In February, we held a writers’ summit in Cancun so that we could lay out our plans for the group and specifically for the 2013 launch.

How is the group funded?

Each member made an equity contribution to fund the group.

Your boxset is a great idea. How do you handle the accounting?

The Indie Voice is a 10-member LLC. The company has its own bank account and publisher accounts with all vendors, as well as affiliate accounts. The boxset books were donated by the individual authors, published under the TIV accounts, and all income is the property of the LLC.

How did you decide on an LLC?

One of the TIV authors is an attorney. She did all the research and filed the required paperwork.

How did you set up a bank account and publisher accounts? Do you have a tax ID (or EIN number)?

One of the TIV authors is an accountant. She requested an EIN number and set up all the accounts.

Your website is great. Who built it and who maintains it?

The TIV website was built and is maintained by TIV members.

You’ve had great success with your boxset. What did you do to advertise it?

We ran a Bookbub ad and each member used their established social reach to advertise the sale. Other websites have chosen to pick up the sale. The effectiveness of the promo is primarily due to the combined social reach of the ten members.

I notice you had a preorder button for your boxset. How did you get it?

Several of the TIV authors write for Amazon imprints. Their contacts were happy to offer the button in order to further their writers’ careers.

Can you give me the contact information for the people who provided you the button?

No. That information is private information given only to the writers who are contracted by Amazon.

There’s a banner button next to your boxset designating it as #1 in Bargain Books. How did you get the banner?

The banners are assigned by Amazon using whatever criteria they’ve established. We don’t know anything more about it than you do, but we think it looks cool.

What else do you have planned for marketing in 2013?

I’m sure you understand why we won’t give away our marketing secrets, especially before we’ve utilized them ourselves. Once we’ve unleashed a new marketing promo, we might add questions and answers to this list about the promo, depending on what our future plans are for that promo device.

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