Goal Setting Handout

“Have you ever thought that maybe—just maybe—you’re here for a much larger purpose than the role you’re fulfilling now?” Jack Canfield, author, The Success Principles

Start with a dream, a vision. Imagine your dreams until they are crystal clear in your mind. Focus on how you’d feel when your dreams come true. Write your dreams down.

A goal is a specific, measurable statement of an end result that you want.

“Goals are the concrete steps for achieving dreams.” Susan Lyons, author, Sex On the Beach

Dream: Have an agent

Goal: Finish the Book.

In order to live a balanced life, set goals in several areas. Consider: professional, personal, financial, mental, spiritual, physical, family, and writing.

The brain uses its reticular activating system to filter through the millions of images, sounds, impressions, thoughts, and feelings we receive every day to focus only on the information we need to survive or to meet identified goals.

Create a plan to make your goals reality. Break your plan into short-term steps.

  • Pay attention to hunches. 
  • Visualize/ imagine your success. 
  • Write down your goals. 
  • When you set a goal, take an immediate action toward it, even if it’s a small step. 
  • Give yourself positive feedback and rewards for achieving steps toward your goal. 
  • Act as if you’ve already achieved your goals. 
  • Use affirmations to help you with your goals. An affirmation is a statement of what you want in your life or how you want to be. Affirmations begin with “I” and are written and stated in the present tense, as if you currently possess what you want.I want to be a published author is a wish. I am a published author is an affirmation.

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