Say No To Writer’s Block

You’re a writer.

You wake up feeling good about the day ahead. You enjoy your morning ritual and then sit down at your computer and BAM, all you see in your mind’s eye is a big blank screen. Suddenly, scrubbing the kitchen floor sounds more appealing than squeezing a coherent sentence out of your brain.

What do I do in that situation?

I ignore it.

I write something…anything… maybe even skip to a scene that sounds more appealing.

If the writing looks disjointed and clichés abound, that’s okay, I’ll fix it later.

This is my job. It’s what I do.

Being a writer is great when you feel like writing. There’s nothing better than finishing one brilliant exciting scene after another and then writing THE END. But writing novels is not a career for the faint of heart. Writing is difficult and challenging.

Great writing is in the revisions.

Say NO to writer’s block and finish that first draft!

Copyright © 2013 Theresa Ragan. All rights reserved.

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