Love…From Both Sides

Written by: Nick Spalding

Recommended by: Jane Graves

Price at the time of purchase: $2.99

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Give a brief description of the story:

Jamie Newman has a blog in which he catalogues his dating experiences, and Laura McIntyre’s side of the story is told through her diary entries that she addresses to her dead mother. They meet. Conflict ensues. They resolve their conflict. They live happily ever after. If you’re looking for a unique and original story, you’re not going to get it in this book. However…

What did you think the author did particularly well?

I read this book while sitting on a plane with another TIV author, Dorien Kelly. I started laughing so hard I was afraid the pilot was going to force a landing because a passenger had gone insane. Finally Dorien said, “What the hell are you reading?”

I often say that if you make me laugh, you’re my friend for life, and Nick Spalding does just that. He starts with funny situations, mixes in outrageous metaphors, tosses in heaping amounts of hyperbole, and seasons with a sprinkle of shocking language to create a comic soup I could eat every day of my life. The first scene where Jamie is on a blind date had me spewing beverages through my nose, and it only got funnier from there. A word of warning: This book is crude. And I don’t mean just a little. Some of you are bound to have more delicate sensibilities than I do (actually, almost everybody does) so consider yourself warned. But at the same time, it’s a sweet book with a cute romance and a nice happily ever after. Seriously.

What was your favorite thing about the story?

It’s hilarious. Did I say that already? If you loved The Hangover, Knocked Up and Superbad (movies where you say, “I shouldn’t be laughing at this because it’s so crazy/outrageous/offensive” but you can’t seem to stop) then you’ll love this book.

Note to Nick: If you’re ever in the Dallas area, email me at We’ll have a drink, talk shop, and laugh our asses off. After all, you’re my friend for life.

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