Oh Myyy! (There Goes the Internet)

Written by:  George Takei

Recommended by:  Jane Graves

Price at time of purchase:  $9.99

Genre:  Nonfiction

Give a brief description of the book:

George Takei, best known as Mr. Sulu of Star Trek fame, boldly goes where few 75-year-old men have gone before. In this book, he chronicles his rise to become a social media phenomenon and one of the most engaging celebrities on the Internet.

What d0 you think the author did particularly well?

Takai tells entertaining stories, such as the time he was drafted by Roger Ebert to break up an online war between Carrie Fisher and William Shatner. He shares some of his favorite images and memes that have spread across the Internet like wildfire, posts and tweets that range from sly, satirical humor to coffee-spewing laughs. But this book is not all about the humor. He also talks about how his dominance of social media has allowed him to champion gay rights as well as pursue his mission to ensure that the history and lessons of the World War II Japanese American internment are never forgotten.

What was your favorite thing about the story?

But of course my favorite thing about the books is…cats! Takei has entire chapter dedicated to the popularity of cats on the Net. He says that popularity is because cats are weird, fussy, snooty, unpredictable, and when they fail, they fail epically. I gotta agree–lots of stuff to mine there. Of course, he says that Yoda and bacon are pretty darned popular, too.

Takei is provocative without being confrontational. Funny in a way that surprises almost every time. Firmly plugged in to Internet culture while still remaining in awe how much his popularity has taken off. And in the final chapter of the book, he looks to the future: “As this world grows ever more connected, as our media grows ever more social, I’ll be there, laughing alongside you as the naughty gay Asian uncle you wish you had.”


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