Summer on Seeker’s Island

The Indie Voice brings you a summer you’ll never forget… 

How did the Indie Voice authors—ten New York Times bestsellers—collaborate to write an anthology of romantic short stories set on fictional Seeker’s Island?

Well, it was a challenge!

We did agree on two things: Seeker’s Island would be set off the coast of Florida, and a local legend claims that a trip to the waters of Seeker’s Spring will bring your heart’s desire.

But then Jana had to have her alligators. Debra liked sweet stories. Liliana and Jasinda planned to set e-readers on fire. Denise wanted to write about long lost love. Theresa threw in some kids. Dorien brought in her Irish. Jane insisted on the light, funny stuff. Colleen made plans for a nerdly scientist. And Tina wanted a vampire. Seriously? On Seeker’s Island?

In the end, did we compromise? No way. We wrote them all!

The result is ten different stories that will make you laugh, cry, and sigh. So sit back, pour yourself a glass of wine, and get ready to find your heart’s desire…on Seeker’s Island.

To escape a bit more, visit the Seeker’s Island website!

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