The Scourge

Book: The Scourge

Written by: A.G. Henley

Recommended by: Jana DeLeon

Price at time of purchase: $2.99

Genre: Young adult, Dystopian, Post-apocalyptic

Give a brief description of the story.

Seventeen-year-old Groundling, Fennel, is Sightless. She’s never been able to see her lush forest home, but she knows its secrets. She knows how the shadows shift when she passes under a canopy of trees. She knows how to hide in the cool, damp caves when the Scourge comes. She knows how devious and arrogant the Groundlings’ tree-dwelling neighbors, the Lofties, can be.

And she’s always known this day would come–the day she faces the Scourge alone.

The Sightless, like Fenn, are mysteriously protected from the Scourge, the gruesome creatures roaming the forests, reeking of festering flesh and consuming anything–and anyone–living. A Sightless Groundling must brave the Scourge and bring fresh water to the people of the forest. Today, that task becomes Fenn’s.

Fenn will have a Lofty Keeper, Peree, as her companion. Everyone knows the Lofties wouldn’t hesitate to shoot an arrow through the back of an unsuspecting Groundling like Fenn, but Peree seems different. A boy with warm, rough hands who smells like summer, he is surprisingly kind and thoughtful. Although Fenn knows his people are treacherous, she finds herself wanting to trust him.

As their forest community teeters on the brink of war, Fenn and Peree must learn to work together to survive the Scourge and ensure their people’s survival. But when Fenn uncovers a secret that shatters her truths, she’s forced to decide who and what to protect–her people, her growing love for Peree, or the elusive dream of lasting peace in the forest.

What did you think the author did particularly well?

The author did an excellent job creating the dystopian world and both the conflict and dependency between the two different groups of people.

What was your favorite thing about the story?

Definitely the heroine and hero. They were intelligent, brave, and open-minded, despite being raised to follow rules and question nothing.

Fans of THE FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH, HERE, and THE HUNGER GAMES might enjoy this story.


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