The Source of Magic: A Fantasy Romance (Alaia)

Book: The Source of Magic: A Fantasy Romance (Alaia)

Written by: Cate Rowen

Recommended by: Debra Holland

Price at time of purchase: $3.95

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Give a brief description of the story.

A modern woman finds herself ensnared on a medieval world, trapped by fantasy, treachery, and family secrets—and opposing a magical prince, the one who might make everything right.

What did you think the author did particularly well?

Cate Rowan combines a wonderful fantasy world, likable characters, interesting plot, and a lovely romance. Through the heroine, Jillian, Rowan transports the reader from Earth to the magical world of Alaia.

What was your favorite thing about the story?

I couldn’t pick one favorite thing because all the elements worked.

Fans of Robin Owens and Jayne Castle might enjoy this story.

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