Wicked Games

Written by: Jill Myles writing as Jessica Clare

Recommended by: Liliana Hart

Price at time of purchase: FREE!

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Give a brief description of the story.

Abby Lewis is a book reviewer for a high profile magazine, and her boss strong arms her into joining a reality TV survival show called Endurance Island. The only problem is that Abby isn’t exactly survivalist material. She’s out of shape and spends most of her time with her nose buried in a book. But the magazine wants the exposure and she’s also offered a lucrative book deal.

Dean Woodall is a gold medal winning Olympic swimmer, though Abby doesn’t know that. All she knows is that he’s arrogant, competitive, and he hates her just as much as she hates him. It gets even worse when the show divides them all into girl/boy teams to survive on the island together for several weeks. Teamwork is not in Dean and Abby’s vocabulary.

On a reality TV show like Endurance Island, it’s every man for himself. Manipulation and lies are just par for the course, and falling in love is one of the stupidest things a person can do. Because there’s no such thing as trust on Endurance Island. And Abby finds that out the hard way.


What did you think the author did particularly well?

This is the first book in the Wicked series, and I have to say it’s one of the best indie books I’ve read. I immediately went out and bought and read all of the other books in the series, and then after I’d devoured those books, I went and bought every other book she’s written and read those as well.

Jill is a fantastic storyteller. Her dialogue is snappy and there is a lot of humor. The sexual tension is great and the love scenes hot.


What was your favorite thing about the story?

I loved the whole premise of the book. Putting two people who couldn’t be more different on a deserted island, and then making them in equal parts have to work together and fight each other to survive, was just brilliant.


Highly recommended and an Indie Voice Top Pick.  


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